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About us

2.jpgIt would not be an overstatement to say that the history of CAMO4you started on 4 October 1930 when Scientific and Research Institute of Civil Aircraft Fleet was established by an order of the Chief Inspectorate of the Civil Aircraft Fleet. Since its very first days the Institute, later renamed State Scientific and Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GosNII GA), has been involved in all aspects of the Civil aviation industry life, its growth and development on a daily basis. Aircraft design problems, writing draft regulations including airworthiness requirements, type certification, certification of aircraft, test flights and flights to Arctic and Antarctica, investigation of aviation incidents and accidents are just some of numerous issues handled by the GosNII GA.

1.jpgCAMO4you is a separate division of the State Scientific and Research Institute of Civil Aviation.

The decision to start CAMO4you was made in 2015 to provide better coordination and services to the satisfaction of our valued customers. 

Our vast experience and high level of technical expertise, which ranges from light aircraft like Cessna and Robinson to long-haul, wide-body aircraft like Boeing 767, allows us to meet any demand. 


As of today we are proudly enjoying years of successful work in the field of continuing airworthiness.